Our needs

We fully depend on donations to run the schools, close to 40% of our school kids are studying free of cost due to funding from sponsors across India who make a small donation so that underprivileged kids can gain access to good education.


v Recurring needs (RN)

1.We need sponsors to support our 560 kids under Bless-The-Children Program, currently around 50% kids are sponsored. This causes a big burden on us to care for the whole kids with half the funding.

With INR 700 per month, you may support 1 kid. This includes the cost for food, stay(for destitute kids), school bus, school fees, uniforms, books etc for 1 month.


2.We need INR 55,000 INR per month to feed the 88 teenage children in the Saldhara school.


v Onetime needs (OTN)


A.Computer centers at Anji, Seloo, and Saldhara (urgent need)

1.     10 laptops for the computer center at Anji, Seloo and Saldhara centers (used laptops are welcome)

2.     7 Tables at the computer center at Anji  each costs 8000 INR

3.     2 partitions at the computer lab, each costing 18,000 INR

4.     1 new/used Projector at Anji computer lab, costing approx 30,000 INR

5.     1 deskjet printer


B.Library at Anji

1.     2 book racks for 18,000 INR each.

2.     2 tables for sitting and reading 10,000 INR each

3.     12 chairs 500 INR each

4.     We need to upgrade our book collection, old books are welcome


C.Chemistry laboratory at Anji

1.     2 Tables to perform experiments 10,000 INR each

2.     upgrade of lab equipment(glassware, chemicals etc) 20,000 INR

3.     12 chairs 500 INR each


Please note the donations to Bless-The-Children project are tax exempted.


Please write an email to [email protected] if you would like to support us in some ways.



Please send your donations to



ICICI bank, Wardha

Account name: Bless the children

Account number : 108001001236

Wardha Branch

IFSC Code : ICIC001236

MICR code: 44229002ICICICI bank, Wardha


Donations towards aid purposes(80g tax exempted) e.g children home, food, books, clothes, school, computer lab etc