Rural Blessing Mission India


Rural Blessing Mission (RBM) is a human-aid and development organisation working in the rural areas of central India,in Maharashtra state. RBM aims at improving the lives of people by creating avenues to eliminate hunger, access to good education and affordable medical care. Our development initiatives mostly focus on children, and provides them support to liberate them from the cycle of utter poverty and miserable existence.

With an influence sphere of around 100 villages RBM plays a vital role in transforming the lives of the poor communities in this region.RBM supports the backward and poor communities by providing them opportunities that will reshape their lives and enable them better quality of living with self respect and Dignity.

Info about Vidharbha region

Excerpts from the Hindu Daily report

Vidarbha has been beset with a decade-long agrarian crisis. As a result, an increasing number of farmers have been committing suicide due to the burden of debt. Maharashtra, once known for its development, has been facing severe criticism over its inability to solve the crisis.

In 2006, some 4,450 farmers committed suicide. During 1997-2006, the National Crime Records Bureau recorded 36,428 suicides from this region. Several problems have led to this tragedy. The cotton crop completely depends on rain. Years of drought have resulted in crop loss or poor outcomes. Due to a low MSP and the government not lifting stock, farmers have been at the mercy of private buyers who, it is alleged, do not pay even the MSP. Additionally, banks do not disburse loans easily as most farmers are usually in default of previous loans.

The Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, visited the area in 2006. The government put together an Rs 11-crore package that included waiver of loans and Rs 1 lakh compensation to the families of farmers who killed themselves. Additionally, the government included them in the massive loan waiver in the last Union Budget. Yet, these were short-term solutions, with no long-term gains.

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Our vision

  • Every family with access to basic resources required to maintain hunger-free, poverty-free and peaceful life.
  • Every child provided with opportunities to achieve his/her dream, the right to choose and realize a better future.
  • Every community having access to affordable, quality medical care (especially for women and Children).
  • Every community free from addictions, oppressions and blind beliefs.

What are we doing here and why?

  • Reaching out to Humanity , Due to poverty, illiteracy and caste distinctions, the neglected and oppressed communities have no chance to improve their lives unless some support is provided to them. We are being such a support.

  • From Farms into the schools, We are working very hard to bring the children from the Farms and place them in schools and secure their future. Only education can break the cycle of poverty handed over from generations. With so much poverty around, the parents of these children can hardly save any money to provide education to the children; We are providing support to such Children and bringing them inside our schools..

  • The Girl child is seen as a liability here, since the Dowry tradition during her marriage can drastically bring down the financial status of the family.  Girls are not encouraged to take up studies since this means additional investment on the Child. We are taking care of many such Girl children, providing them free education and Homecare.  Many Girls have seized this opportunity and made very good careers for themselves.  When the Girl child is uplifted, her whole family sees  the light of prosperity.

  • Basic Healthcare,  Most people here depend on daily wages to feed their families.   Any sickness or Injury in the family (especially of the bread-earner) means that the whole family could stay hungry. We are proving basic healthcare, consultation at a very small cost so that the people can avail of this service.  Though preliminary, our services have been sought after by the people.

  • Community development, With little help and guidance, many unemployed youth work hard and can support their families. We help the youth with vocational trainings or setting up small income-generating initiatives like goat rearing, cattle rearing or poultry.

  • Creating awareness,   on health and hygiene issues, harmful traditions and practices. We teach the tribal communities the various aspects of preventive health and hygiene. Various camps are organized to provide them knowledge on how to prevent diseases like malaria, diarhoea etc.  Also we highlight the drawbacks of early teen marriages.