Rural Blessing Mission India

How can you contribute to this cause?

Support us financially

Please take a look at our needs and and help us in any of our need. A comprehensive list of our needs is listed here

You may transfer your donation from your bank to the below accounts

1.RBM account details are as below   (this is an Indian account)

  Account Name: Rural Blessing Mission


Andhra Bank

Account No: 063410011007034 

IFSC code: ANDB0000634

Branch : Wardha

2. Donations from Germany : If you are in Germany,  you could preferably transfer the donation to a German account held by Mr.Eppie (to avoid international transfer charges), Eppie will collect the amount and make 1-2 transfer to RBM account each month.  An acknowledgement for the receipt shall be emailed to you.

  Account Name: Eppie Pratap Isaac


Deutsche Bank
Account No: 0982314
Bankleitzahl : 67270024
IBAN:DE60 6727 0024 0098 2314 00

We are working are integrating this website, to Credit Card payment gateways, but we still are a long way to go. Please bear with us for sometime.

3.Alternatively, You may write a cheque favoring Rural Blessing Mission and send it to our postal address:

Rural Blessing Mission
At post: Anji (mothi),
District: Wardha,
Maharashtra, India.

Support us with materials

We are in need of furnitures, computers,  winter clothes, medicines, medical equipment, stationaries, School bags, footwear, vehicles etc.  We welcome getting contributions in terms of goods (both new and used) that can be benefecial to the people here.  Your contributions no matter how small will definitely be useful for someone here.

  • Please send in your contributions to :

Rural Blessing Mission
At post: Anji (mothi),
District: Wardha,
Maharashtra, India.

  • For German supporters, you may send your materials to the below address
  • Eppie Pratap Isaac
  • Adalbert-stifter Strasse 1, Dielheim 69234

Support us with your expertise

We are a growing organization, we need all the inputs from experts to run this organization effectively. You may support us with your talents and experise. Areas where one could support is Accounting, procurement, Human Resource management, multimedia, Legal, building constructions. If you are a Doctor, you may spend a week with our staff training them in better ways to treat patients, arrange a community check-up etc.

Please get in contact with us and we shall discuss with you as to how we can utilize your expertise and talents.

Together we can touch the lives of many.