Rural Blessing Mission India

At RBM, we make efforts to empower Children/Youth by offering them opportunities to learn some new skill, so that they can atleast use their skills and earn their livelihood.

Our initiative includes

Sowing classes for Girl children: Teaching the children how to stitch clothes with machines as well as hand, making embroidery, patching etc.  We avail the services of a Teacher from a tailoring institute to teach the children. The classes are currently offered only for Children in the Anji Home.Bamboo Basket weaving & Handicrafts: The children in Ebenezar Children Home are taught traditional skills like weaving baskets from Bamboo reeds. A local craftsman was invited to train the children. Also, the children were introduced other traditional handicrafts like bamboo wall pieces etc.

Goatry at Saldhara:    We have employed local youth persons to take care of the Goatry in Saldhara.  We started the Project with 5 goats, today we have around 40 goats. The youth boys learn how to rear goats, take care of them and raise them. In the future, we would support these boys to start their own goatry (maybe with 3-4 goats each).

Noah's Ark project: We have been rearing birds like Hen, Pigeon, Turkey, Quails under this project. The children from St. Thomas home take care of the birds. There is a lot of demand for pigeons as pets, which are sold in pairs. This project gives the children an opportunity to take care of birds.   The intention here is that some of these children could start their own poultry farm after school with the little knowledge they gained while working on this project.

Cooking classes: Most of the the cooks who work in the Home at Anji and Saldhara are mostly ex-child from the Homes, these children were taught how to different kinds of Indian bread.

Sowing classes in Progress at Ebenezar Children Home, Anji

Goatry in Saldhara

Goats Grazing in the Goatry Saldhara

Noah's Ark project: Rearing birds