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Ebenezar Children Home : This Home for destitue children was started in the year 1989 with 10 tribal community girls. Today this Home is a shelter to around 175 children under this program.This home is for the destitute children. Every child in the home has a sad and horrifying story of the past. We provide them with Shelter, Food, Education, Clothes, Medical care & homely atmosphere. The Ebenezer Children Home has truly transformed lives of many children in the last 2 decades. Children who have passed out from the home have entered into competitive professions like medicine, teaching, nursing etc. Each child is a beacon of hope for its families and their communities.

Testimonials of some children from the Ebenezar Home

Pragati dhole

Jyoti Srinate

Reeta Kambale

Jayashree Konde

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What kind of children do we select in this Home?

  • Children who are orphans or only one parent is alive. Also children who been abandoned by parents due to poverty or marriages to other partners.
  • Physically and mentally abused children who have no hopes of receiving a better lives from their families. (eg. A child of an violent alcoholic father)
  • Children coming from families with utter poverty such that the children go hungry or visibly malnourished.
  • Children who are destitute, found living in public facilities like railway station, city hall etc.
  • Children from tribal communities which are averse to education of their children (especially the Girl child), our goal is to transform the lives of these kinds of children inorder to demonstrate how much can Education transform the lives, and encourage tribal communities to send their children to the schools.

What do we offer these children?

  • We offer the children a safe environment, where they can be relieved from the struggles for survival.
  • We provide them food, shelter, clothes, healthcare and Education.    Apart from the materialistic need, we offer them a place called Home, where they have a sense of belonging and share love and care for each other.
  • We also teach them spiritual and moralistic values and good mannersim, so that we can transform them from deprived-beings to well-rounded personalities.
  • We encourage them to set ambitions and achieve them (leaving behind their pessimism to be successful). We offer these children an opportunity to better their lives and the lives of their loved ones.
  • Currently we have close to 175 children (Jan 2010) who are directly benefitted from this program, some of these children (around 40) are locals who have their homes in Anji (or study in nearby towns),these children are supported by the Home, these children partake in all the activities of the Home except for residing here.

How do we fund this program?

  • Most of the children's living expenses is provided by our partner organization 'Child Development Ministry' visit, this has helped us in a big way to plan our expenses with a fixed contribution.
  • There are other aspects like providing better facilities to the children, staff salaries, transportation, building maintenance etc. require funding on a regular basis, we depend on ad-hoc donations for these.
  • Currently our immediate need is to provide better living conditions to the childern, We would like to build a comfortable building for the children to live.  We are looking forward to construct a few dormitory kind of structures with better sanitation facilities, a dining hall, a kitchen, prayer hall and a  computer room(cum library).
  • We need your support in achieving these plans, so as to bless these children with a moderate decent standard of living.For a complete listing of the needs in this program, please refer Our Needs page.

Photo Gallery

Girls collecting cow dung to make Kitchen fuel


Child playing in the front yard


One of the Children's Home



First set of Children in the Home (1989)


Children at Ebenezar Girls Home (2010)


Serving Lunch (2010)


Christmas celebration in the Home (2009)


Christmas celebration in the Home (2010)


Families of the Children in the Home during Christmas celebration (2010)

Children cleaning the Garden


Children cleaning the Garden


Dinner time


Devotion for the Girls in the home






Girls cleaning the Church


Study Time





Fetching water in the Pump




Girls playing in the swing

Washing their own clothes

Off to Bed

Ready to School

Anji Home
Ebenezar Girls Home


Sunday service in the Church (2010)


Alumini sharing their testimony on Xmas day (2009)

St. Thomas Children Home , Saldhara

Started in 2002, this Home was started to provide residence to the children who would travel from far locations to attend School at Karunya Vidyalaya. Karunya Vidyalaya is the only school in a radius of 20 kms which offers High School education (See Karunya Vidyalaya Saldhara page ), this school is meant for children from poor communities to gain access to High school education ( Grade 8 -10). The children are in their teens.

We provide them food ,education, care, shelter, books, uniforms. We have 72 children (18 Girls and 54 Boys) living in this Home currently.

What kind of children do we have here.

  • Children who come from very poor families, who would otherwise work in farms to earn their livelihood.
  • Children who are eager to complete schooling, but are unable to, due to poverty.
  • Children who live more than 8 kms away from Saldhara village, but come to attend the Karunya School.
  • Children who are physically and mentally abused or abandoned by family members.

How do we fund this program

Currently we do not have any support committed for these children,  the Home is run on ad-hoc donations. This makes it difficult for us to plan for these children. In dire situations, we had to divert funds from other projects to run Home. Due to this, we are unable to provide better facilities to the children. Most of the facilities that they have are very basic.  We appeal to our supporters to kindly support us here. 

The cost of running this home is listed below. We request you to kindly support us here.

Recurring expenses  Category per month(in INR) per Annum (in INR) per Annum in USD Item Code
Food + basic supplies for children Home 35000 420000 8936 SAL-HOM-001
Facilities Maintenance Home 3000 36000 766 SAL-HOM-002
Staff salaries (Warden, cooks, security) Home 8000 144000 3064 SAL-HOM-003

How can you support us here???

Sponsor a childThe expenses towards one child is Rs.700 PER MONTH (ie. 16 USD or 12 EUR)

  • This would include expenses towards food, care, shelter, education, medical care, other physical needs etc.
  • This would include expenses towards salaries of staff, maintenance of facilities etc.

I am interested, how to we proceed?

1. Please mail to this email id [email protected] expressing your interests to sponsor a child. Please ensure that you are committing for atleast 1 year to support the child.

2. We will allocate your name as a sponsor for the child's education. We will send details of the child, along with a picture of the child for your reference.

3. Please make the donation by following the instructions as listed here


For the complete list of our needs please click here

Children playing Volley ball (Jun 2010)


Children at during morning prayer time (Jun 2010)


Children from St. Thomas Home, Saldhara

Boys studing in 10th Grade residing at St. Thomas home (Jun 2010)

Front view of Karunya Vidyalaya building (Jun 2010)