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Medical Care - St.Luke’s Clinic

Located at Saldhara, this clinic is the only source of medical attention to more than 40 surrounding villages with each village having an average population of 300-500 persons. With one visiting Doctor and an assistant, this clinic treats 50-60 patients a day. The clinic is a 2-room building with basic furnishings required for treatment of common health issues. Most of the diseases are due to lack of nutrition, unclean drinking water and unhygienic living conditions.  Apart from consultation the clinic is able to provide first-aid on animal bites & accidents. Most commonly found diseases are malaria; diarrhea, Cataract, Elephantiasis and other water-borne diseases. The clinic is an vaccination center for young children. Vaccinations against polio, cholera and typhoid are given here.
Some interesting facts

  • The nearest hospital is around 30 Kms away from this village.
  • Public transport is available only once during the day to reach the village. Most of the patients that visit the clinic either reach by foot or carried in bi-cycles.
  • People from nearby villages come to this clinic due to its proximity, good medical care and low cost.
  • This clinic provides mostly first aid, medical consulation and vaccinations against diseases.
  • The clinic is totally run on donations, and gifts from Philanthropists.
  • We charge Rs.5 (Indian Rupees) for every consultation, the medicines prescribed are given free of cost (To comprehend their standard of living; a man's Daily wage is around Rs.50-80 which is about 1-1.5 USD)
  • The total cost to run this clinic is around Rs.24,000 per month(approx 580 USD).
  • The costs of this clinic is covered by Donations and Gifts from Individuals or Organizations.
  • Summary of Income and Expenses for 2008-2009 is attached here with Click Here


With so much poverty around, even basic human need such as Health and well-being is not guaranteed to these people. A sick child, or an ailing Old woman or an Injured farm-labourer have no chance to receive the basic first aid treatment unless someone helps them. With simple and cheap medical care we can atleast help them survive (or maybe take them to the nearest hospital).  Unlike advanced nations, there are NO social health care or public healthcare Insurance here. A sickness in the familyy can devastate the entire family and rob them of their livelihood.

BE a part of this Vision and support us pratically with your valuable donations, that WE can support the poorest when they need it the most. 

With YOUR help, we can

  • provide basic medical attention by having a Doctor stay for the whole day in the clinic and treat patients, or maybe even afford a specialist Doctor.
  • to go out to villages and provide life saving vaccines against curable but deadly diseases.
  • transform this stationary clinic into a 10 bedded Hospital with an operating room.
  • to save more lives by owning an Ambulance to drive emergency patients to the nearest hospital


If you would like to help us or if you know any organization that could help us in setting up the clinic more better, please contact us


A man with Cataract condition


St. Luke Clinic at Saldhara


A elderly woman is treated

Free health Checkup for Villagers in Lonsavali

Dental inspection day at Saldhara School


Children waiting for Cholera vaccination

A medical assistant checking a Woman