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 Matthias visiting

Matthias visitor from Germany.He visited Anji on 13th October 2012 and stayed 2 days along with Bro. Issac Israel and family. 13th morning he reached to Seloo and spend some time with Children of Good Shepherd English school. After that he came to Anji at noon time and spend some time with Anji GSES and Ebenezer home  children and RBM staff. And evening he visited saldhara St. Thomas Hostel and enjoyed with Hostel children. On 14th Sunday he participated in the Worship service in wagdhara village, and Land Breaking Program in madana village.

13th October 2012, 3:30 am Matthias in front of the Hotel in Bangalore. Ready to start our Journey to visit Rural Blessing Mission, at Anji,

At Bangalore airport, waiting for the flight to Nagpur.
   Anji is the headquarters location of Rural Blessing Mission (RBM). Anji is about 100kms away from Nagpur Airport.

After reaching  Nagpur, our first stop at Good Shepherd English school ,Seloo. This school is run by RBM to offer good education to poor children in the seloo region. children from 20 surrounding villages study in this school.

visiting 4th grade students along with the principal (right). Each classroom is partitioned by wood-board to accommodate 2 classes. sometimes it is noisy for both the classrooms

visiting Kindergarten kids in Seloo School

Next we arrived at Anji, the school building at Anji, with school buses. In total there are 10 classrooms. Out of which 3 rooms were built new, however they are yet to be cement plastered due to financial constraints.

Visiting the school children at Anji

some children showed their paintings

10th graders mathematics class, the teacher uses laptop to teach the children. We tried out some mathematics, looked disappointed :-)

6th grade class in progress. The walls of this classrooms are yet to be cement surfaced. There are 3 such classrooms,

Headmistress Ms. Girishima (center) along with the class teacher of 6th grade.

RBM office staff, clerk (Priti), Matthias, Praveen (Project co-ordinator), Rahul (Accountant), Gedam(Accountant), Prakash(administrator), Eashwar (co-ordinator), Isaac Israel (founder and General secratary of RBM)

Eppie and Matthias along with the Home kids in front of Anji Chapel.

Visiting a village called Waghdhara. This is a remote village with about 300 people population. There are no roads or transportation to this village. Many children from this village study at our schools, stay at the children Home. The children have no chance to gain proper education, if no one supports them. RBM takes care of the children from this village

visiting the only shop in  Waghdhara, owned by our missionary mr. Chaple.
Matthias played the role of the shopkeeper for few minutes, and sold some biscuits to mr. Isaac Israel. ;-)

The church at Waghdhara, this was the first church constructed by RBM. The believers from this church are very eager and earnest to seek the Lord.

on our way back from Saldhara, we saw this family whose sole possession was this bullock cart. The whole family is resting under the shade of bullock cart.

At an Orange orchard. The fruits are not yet ripe.  The rich landowners in this are own about 70% of the Land.

church at Parsodi. There are many such small churches built in remote villages, where the Lords name is preached.

st. Thomas Home children at Saldhara, there are 85 children living and studying in this Home, all the children are teenagers. RBM runs a school called "Karunya Vidyalaya" for this children. There is no schools in the radius of 20kms from this school.

Matthias and Eppie participating in the evening devotion time for the kids. Matthias taught a song to the kid.

Each child introducing himself/herself to us. Some children have  a very sad past.  Through this home and school, there is a hope for this children.

Dinner time, Children eating their everning meals. Consisting of wheat pancakes (roti) and lentils and rice.
For many children this food is luxury.

In the past, many children worked in farms to earn their livelihood. But now they can spend their time at School without having to worry about their next meals.

We joined the kids for dinner.  Food was simple but tasted very good. It was a great joy to have dinner with them.

Matthias with our Mission co-ordinator Mr. Abhay. Abhay lives in the campus, along with the children and pastors them. He told us stories about how he saw a tiger a few weeks before. He is quite burdened and eagerly prays that every child in the Home receives christ.

A ride in the school bus, on our way to the Sunday service at Madana village.
Mr & Mrs Ephraim (daughter and son-in-law) of Bro. Isaac Israel had also been visiting RBM during that weekend.

At Madana village, inside the home of a believer. Mud walls, mud floors, there were chickens behind the cot. These are simple people who have recently known the Lord, and are ernest and eager seek the Lord.

Petting a goat.

The church meets under a tree, our head missionary Mr. wani and home missionary Mr.Sandeep Doke leading the sunday service.

The message was based on Matthew 5:8, He who has a clean heart will see God. Mr. Wani preached the word of God wonderfully.

The people of this church are quite eager to hear the word of God.

The location of the church assembly from a distance.

The people of this church had been praying for a building where they can worship since long. They were praying for a sponsor to finance the project. Just a week ago, a person from Chennai had volunteered to build the church. The cost to construct a simple church building is about 2 lakhs Indian rupees (3000 Euros).

Pastor Wani leading us with the ground-breaking ceremony. The church building will come up at this place. It will take around 3 months to erect the building.

Snacks were offered to the people.

Our Lord wants each and every person in this world to be saved. Gospel has now come to this village. We know that their live will change forever.

Ms. Sitabai, the first convert in this village, hosting us.

Matthias with Missionary Sandeep and his family.

Visiting the cotton fields.

This man next to Pastor Wani sends his children to study at our school in Anji, The school bus pics them from his home each day.

Sugarcane plantation.

We attended the church service at the Ebenezar children home. This home is for the poor and destitute children in this region. A child (named Sunita) reading the bible verses aloud.

Matthias sharing a story, Eppie is translating.

Matthias self-made a book with pages of different colors and shared the Gospel to the children.

Children praying

Group Photo with the kids.

Matthias and Bro. Ephraim touring Anji. This is the river that flows through Anji.

Matthias playing with the kids. It was difficult to tag them.

After a wonderful weekend Matthias and Eppie back at the Nagpur Airport.
We have been touring this region in the car  behind. Our driver Manoj, along with Matthias.

At the Nagpur Airport.

Good bye Anji. The Lord has been faithful to us in this trip. We never faced exhaustion, sickness or any hurdles in the last 2 days. The trip will remain in our hearts for a long time to come.